Grace Goodall March Update

“After the challenges of breaking my arm it’s good to be back into full training. Daily sessions vary in length but now equate to over 20-hours a week.  Scheduled sessions and there objectives are always published in advance, but with some now clashing with key lectures I am having to be a lot more flexible and […]

Grace Goodall: Part 3

“Around 2017, I progressed and was successful in becoming a member of the British Triathlon East Region Academy. My first British Super Series event as a youth was at Llanelli where I realised everything had just got serious. The open water swim was like being in a washing machine. Leaving the lake and getting to […]

Grace Goodall: Part 2

“About 6-years ago I was already a member of both swimming and running clubs when someone mentioned triathlons. The sport really appealed to me and so I joined East Essex Triathlon Club, which not surprisingly has been voted the best in England. It has a large membership with a strong section for young people who […]

Grace Goodall: Part 1

So, I’ve been looking through a document Grace has written for me to use on social media. The original idea was for me to pick bits out and create a sort of bio of Grace and her journey into triathlon … however, the whole thing is so well written and perfect, that I’m going to […]