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Grace Goodall: Part 2

“About 6-years ago I was already a member of both swimming and running clubs when someone mentioned triathlons. The sport really appealed to me and so I joined East Essex Triathlon Club, which not surprisingly has been voted the best in England. It has a large membership with a strong section for young people who are coached and mentored by others. At different times different coaches have provided me with invaluable advice and support, and that continues today.

For the past 6-years swimming before school, endless running sessions and long bike rides have been an important part of my life. I should add that cycling was totally new to me. One of my first triathlons was a real learning curve with my bike chain coming off mid race and me finishing smothered in oil. Things have progressed and I am now referred to as the pocket rocket by men on Sunday morning rides.

I quickly entered other local and regional triathlon events, which I loved and I got the bug. Each event taught me something new and allowed me to develop further. I am lucky to have a smart turbo so in bad weather cycling can be done in the garage. Although, I do love my rollers and I am still challenging myself to reading a book while on them!”

Thank you @grace.g00dall

📸 – Courtesy of Grace Goodall