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Grace Goodall March Update

“After the challenges of breaking my arm it’s good to be back into full training. Daily sessions vary in length but now equate to over 20-hours a week.  Scheduled sessions and there objectives are always published in advance, but with some now clashing with key lectures I am having to be a lot more flexible and creative. Then again, I suppose we all have to be that in our lives. 

So firstly, apologies to flat mates for the recent increase in noise generated from my turbo! February did see some bad weather in Bath, which restricted opportunities to cycle on the roads. Cycling is for me a real enjoyment and both Somerset and Wiltshire have wonderful scenery. One group ride I recently arranged to Longleat passed without incident when we avoided the lions enclosure, while a second resulted in finding a fantastic pasty shop in Cheddar.  

Now being a food lover with a coach who insists on people eating before and in between sessions, doing so is not a chore for me.  Amongst other things it encourages me to find new recipes with my latest creation a staple breakfast / snack, namely Oat Bake with dried fruits and nuts.  Although the banana version is another one of my favourites!

I have also mentioned before that British Triathlon changed the selection process for this years Seniors Super Series, which meant my first event came earlier than ideal (last weekend), especially having lost so much pool time because of my broken arm. Although I did take an opportunity for a bit of competition preparation by entering a Gloucester League Cross Country Race.

However, looking back on last weekends event it was both positive and invaluable. As expected my swim time was not a PB, but inside the target set by my coach. I found myself cycling in a pack of about 20 where leading it up a long incline into the wind was made easier on the new bike (thank you Richardson’s) and I finished with a strong solid run (seasons PB).  So the event is a great foundation for the season, especially the first Super Series Race in May. As always,  lots of positives and lots of lessons learnt”.