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Surly has mastered steel like no other manufacturer; their philosophy is to use technology to improve the wheel, not reinvent it.

You will find that Surly don’t use new technologies simply for the sake of using them, but rather look at what they want to achieve and apply what works; whether its new or not.

That’s why Surly bikes are made from of steel. It’s not because they are old fashioned, rather that they have mastered their chosen material and do great things with it.

This quote from their 2013 brochure says it all, really:

“We’re not retro-grouch crusaders. We use steel because it works consistently and inexpensively. It’s not that other materials aren’t cool. We are interested and intrigued by the properties of all the things that make up our world. But for the kind of bikes we make, for the rides we like and the things we value, steel can’t be beat.”

Whether you bought your Surly from us or not, we can make sure that it is perfectly maintained

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