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01702 713847

99-101 Elm Road, Leigh-On-Sea, Essex, SS9 1SP

Nickname: Maxi

Age: 21

Height: 5’11”

Likes: Music and Playing with my Nephew

Dislikes: I don’t like it when I have no Nutella in my house/hotel for races.

Greatest Achievement to Date: Won a couple races but maybe coming 17th in the CiCLE Classic as it’s my home race.


Years Active (racing): 5 years

Current Team: Richardsons-Trek RT

Years Cycling for Current Team: 2 Years

Age category: Under 23

Cyclist category: Elite

Discipline: Road and Track

National Rank (from 2017): 37

National points (from 2017): 317

Events most looking forward to this year:

Chorley GP
Klondike Gp
Lincoln GP
Tour of the Reservoir
National Road Race Champs
Bristol GP
Stockton GP
Tour Series
Leicester Kermesse
Rydale GP
CiCLE Classic.

Goal for 2018: Racing and getting a good result in the CiCLE Classic.

Last 3 road race results:

April 2018 - Mark Bell Memorial RR - Position - 15

Mar 2018 - Evesham Vale Road Race - Position - 23

Mar 2018 - The Roy Thame Cup- Position 7


Ollie Maxwell